Most people don’t think of chemistry when they think of nature when actually  nature is made up of chemical compounds  from chemical reactions. In fact, the active ingredients for many pharmaceuticals comes from the Amazon rain forest specifically. So a lot of these chemicals that have these long complicated names started as something like a leaf or bark from a tree, or a rock. So, you could be eating processed sugar cereal from a plastic bowl that you drove across the street to buy, but the plastic starts out as plants and oil and the car runs on a petroleum product that started as a dinosaur. All very natural. Even all of the crazy names of the ingredients in the cereal started out as natural. hippie chopping tree
So if you think about it like taking a tree, breaking it down into pieces and reshaping it into a wooden table, or things broken down into their most finite state and completely reassembled like a drug, then you should know our bodies far more resemble a chemistry lab making drugs than the do a guy with a flannel shirt and a beard making a wooden table.
That’s  how  “The Science Garden”  relates to the natural, and
seemingly  unnatural, things we do to our bodies, and why  as the science
of  human nutrition  continues  to  progress  exponentially,  it  is  undeniably  Evolving Back to Nature
So why do you have to be naked and drinking tree bark for coffee if you want to eat healthy, and care about the environment?
 I live in the real science garden. I am a hybrid. I take very good care of myself, I am definitely all natural, but I am not a monk. I love to party, I love all natural sunshine, and dirt. I love the science of what is in dirt, and how it is, pretty much, the same things that are in our bodies. That’s why  why we call this The Science Garden.

imageHere in TSG, we eat “organic” food as much as possible, but we don’t live our lives around finding, buying, and preparing food. We are not fanatics about diet, but our knowledge about it helps in making our food decisions moreeffective and creative. This website is designed to educate you on some science and chemistry in an understandable way, so when you read labels you will know what you’re looking at.  A lot of people put a lot of time, money, and effort into things that just don’t work! We are not those people. This is one area where ignorance is not bliss, and the basic science of health is not that complicated.

 Read the short articles on the pages; atoms and molecules, the cell, and then What is pH?, and you will probably know more about nutrition than the average doctor before we even get started.
We try not to use labels like “vegan” or “vegetarian” because we find them to be limiting and confining. We feel that there is a stigma that goes along with that kind of fanaticism that creates a roadblock for the average person. We believe that not everything natural is good for you, and not everything that isn’t natural is bad for you. If you are on this website because you are concerned about your health, then you already think like a hybrid. The fact that you are using a computer is telling that you are not willing to live like a caveman to be healthy.
This site was created to give people a chance to think for themselves because we believe that fanaticism exists on both sides. “Organic” people would have you believe that it’s some kind of sin to take an aspirin, and there is also no doubt that disinformation and corruption are rampant in the pharmaceutical industry.
We chose a substance called colloidal silver as our first article because we think it is a great thing, and it is also a great example of how extreme both sides can be. We have provided some links to show you how not only is the “blue man” deceptive and misleading (which we know because of the science), but when the other side blasts back it is with many allegations that they can’t prove, which discounts the truth that lies within the opposing argument. We think that the argument presented in the opposing article causes as much damage to the reputation of colloidal silver as does the blue man. We are hoping that providing the facts, along with some of the science, you will be able to see through the propaganda on both sides, and easily get to the truth on your own. So come in, look around, and let your knowledge about yourself and the world grow in The Science Garden.



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